How Can Employment Agencies Help You Find a Job?

How Can Employment Agencies Help You Find a Job?

According to Statistics Canada, the unemployment rate rose in 2023, reaching 5% in May and increasing to 5.5% in July.

While this indicates that many people are looking for work, you can still land your perfect job with all the benefits you have been searching for.

But you must have the necessary tools.

Tools that make you stand out from the saturated markets considering job boards only advertise 20% of positions and networking fills the remaining 80%.

These tools include assistance from employment agencies for your job search to be successful. 

And what does an employment agency excel at?


Employment agencies can help you find a job in an oversaturated market by doing the following:

1. Finding and Connecting you with Appropriate Career Opportunities

Employment agencies have mastered the art of locating job opportunities and matching them with appropriate candidates. They know what each job position requires, and so they match these positions perfectly.

This is why most companies prefer working with employment or recruitment agencies as it saves them a lot of time sifting through hundreds if not thousands of resumes.

However, you should not confuse employment agencies with recruitment agencies. The job description between these two agencies differs as shown in the table below.

Employment Agencies Recruitment Agencies
More involvement in recruitment planning Limited involvement in recruitment planning 
Match candidates to multiple jobs Suggest suitable candidates
Target candidates of varying skill levels Target higher-educated candidates
Make decisions on candidate hiring Leave the hiring decision to the employer
More involvement in employer partnerships Less involvement in employer partnerships
Match candidates to multiple jobs based on their skills and experience Provide candidate recommendations and potential matches

2. Turbocharging Your Journey Through the Job Market

As unemployment in Canada continues to rise, the struggle to stand out from the crowd can be overwhelming.

But employment agencies help to make you stand out from the rest of the applicants.

For instance, referrals account for 40% of all hiring, which is how most employment agencies can match you with the appropriate position.

Also, your resume determines whether you get the job or not. 

So, considering each job posting attracts over 250 resumes and employees spend only six seconds on your resume, employment agencies like Employment Specialists, make yours stand out. 

They also help you keep the resume short, user-friendly, grammatically correct and relevant. This helps to present your skills and experiences more effectively on your resume.

Moreover, getting a job using employment agencies gets you hired quicker than using job boards. With employment agencies, it takes roughly 29 days, while job boards may take 55 days or more.

Perhaps it is because most employees who use employment agencies are more satisfied with their jobs and stay with organizations longer.

3. Offer Tips to Boost Interview Performance

Interviews carry a lot of weight in determining whether you get the job. What you say or do matters yet you have limited time to impress. Therefore you need all the help you can get.

And employment agencies step into this role by offering valuable tips and insights to elevate your interview process.

They also do the following:

  • Equip you with tailored insights into what employers seek in interviews. 
  • Conduct mock interviews to help you refine your responses.
  • Help you navigate the tricky questions most interviewers ask to throw you off balance.
  • Provide feedback by highlighting your areas of strength and where you need to work on. After you perfect it, they conduct another mock interview until you get it right.

So, leveraging these tips will enable you to stand out and provide responses that surpass the interviewer’s expectations.

Furthermore, by the time you attend the interview, you will be aware of the dos and don’ts. You will also understand the company’s needs, enabling you to showcase how you’re the perfect fit.

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